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Everyone needs help from time to time. In this day, people are looking for jobs, have health issues, family problems, or even know someone that is serving in the military somewhere in the world. People sometimes feel better having others to help pray on these types of needs.

Thoughts and Prayers is a type of global prayer list. People can post things that they would like other people to think about or pray on for them. When you pray on something, you can hit the "Prayed On" button to increment the count of people that have prayed on it. This can help the person that posted to the prayer to know that others are praying for them as well.

This is a non-denominational application. It does not point to a single religion and people of all religions are encouraged to use it. All posts will be moderated to make sure that offensive material is not in the list of prayers.

Here are some sample prayers that are available on the phone apps right now.

  • Lord I pray that you would give me the strength to look forward and not back and to remain faithful to you and only you amen.
  • Heavenly father I commit my daughter Kathy into your mighty hands. Protect her from every harm. Let no weapon fashion against her prosper. Let your holy spirit be her guard. Let you light continue to shine upon her. In Jesus name. Amen
  • Please pray that I may learn to do for myself so I can do for others. That I may find my place in life and be content. That I will be the one to make a difference.

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